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JVD Lifestyle – 10 Common Misconceptions About Organising a Small Bathroom

If there’s one place in the house that needs serious maintenance and cleaning, it’s the bathroom. As the last room you go to before heading to bed and a place where you can spend some time by yourself, it must be your haven of peace and comfort. However, this can be hard to achieve if you have to keep tons of bathroom necessities in a cramped bathroom space.

Still, fitting everything you need in your tiny bathroom whilst making it conducive to relaxation is possible with seamless home organisation skills! Here are 10 common misconceptions about setting up a small bathroom that you should rethink:


1.   It’s impossible to get rid of clutter.

Many people think that items in small bathrooms always get disarranged one way or another no matter how many times they are decluttered. Their reason? There simply isn’t enough room for all of it. The truth is, your bathroom has more space than you can think of if you’re putting your things back in the right place.


Clutter usually builds up when the items we regularly use are out of reach. We tend to rummage through holders and baskets and end up getting lazy to rearrange them once we get the item we need. To make sure your bathroom always looks tidy, see to it that your items are reasonably organised and always return them in their proper places.

2.   There’s no space for both a tub and a shower.

Many people assume that having a separate tub and shower stall in a small bathroom is not feasible, but you can enjoy the best of both features with a walk-in tub & shower combination. This dual-function piece of equipment is not just space-efficient, it also makes cleaning easier and increases your house’s resale value in the future.

3.   There is limited space in the basin area.

So your small basin countertop can only hold a cup and a bottle of hand soap. Where do the rest of your bathroom staples go?


Installing a slim floating shelf or a ledge somewhere near the basin does the trick! With this, you don’t need to constantly switch between items you need to use in front of the bathroom mirror. To save even more space, replace your pedestal basin with a wall-mounted one and notice how big your floor space gets.

4.   The only free space is below the basin.

It surely is clever to take advantage of the unused space beneath the bathroom basin, but not all bathroom supplies belong in there. Accidental leaks and molds can ruin materials like paper and cotton products, for instance. A solution to this is to maximise your bathroom’s vertical space with storages such as door hooks, over-the-toilet shelves, and hanging organisers.

5.   Medicines are best stored in the bathroom.

People usually stock their medicines in a cabinet in the bathroom, but did you know that this is bad practice? The temperature and humidity that build inside the room make the medicines less effective and cause them to expire at an earlier date. Create more space in your bathroom by moving your medicines out of the bathroom cabinet and to somewhere else in the house that is free from heat and moisture.

6.   Extra stock of bathroom items should be kept hidden.

Think your stock of cotton buds, soaps, and bath sponges should not be displayed? Storing them in clear glass containers on bathroom shelves does not just make these bathroom essentials decorative, it also gives you easier access to these items!

7.   Rods are just for towels.

Bathroom rods may be typically used for hanging towels, but you can instantly create additional bathroom storage with these metal racks by adorning them with hooked buckets and wired baskets. Talk about efficiency and creativity!

8.   Hair styling tools should be stored beside the basin.

While it makes sense to keep hair styling tools near the basin where the mirror is usually placed, there’s a big chance it will fall in water and trip the breaker. Store them in a safe spot when not in use. Attaching them on hooks behind your cabinet door is one way you can keep them protected from water and not to mention, neatly coiled.

9.   Small items should not be kept inside bathroom drawers.

It’s easy for small items like hair pins, razor blades, and travel-size products to get lost in a pile of skin care bottles and other stuff in the bathroom drawer, so others choose to store these items in a separate container instead. A smarter way to do it, however, is to replace your drawer with one that has a built-in compartment, or simply add a drawer organizer. This will help you find what you need without having to dig under bigger items.

10.   Small bathrooms are hard to keep in style.

Just because you don’t have much space in your bathroom does not mean you can’t be creative with it. A minimalist bathroom, for example, gives your home a modern look while creating an illusion of a bigger space.