After Sales Service Agent

One word to describe JVD? I’d say satisfaction!

What is my job? My job is to process the after sales service requests by answering calls and emails from our customers. After we take delivery of and identify a device, we repair it. We also provide advice to customers and salespeople about the technical side of choosing a product to suit their needs. What makes working in a company like JVD interesting is the fast pace. In only three or four days, the repaired product leaves our manufacturing site. One word to describe JVD? I’d say satisfaction! I have job satisfaction, I enjoy working for the company and I like ensuring customer satisfaction. Customers often thank us for our efficiency. We keep them informed about our progress on the repairs and notify them when the product leaves our warehouse. Want to hear a funny story? We often get panicked calls after our Stell’Air hand dryer is installed. “It’s not working!” So I ask them to check that it is switched on and, if so, to call me back if it is still not working. Strangely, nobody ever calls me back… (laughter)