Group Purchasing Manager

Spreading the word about our expertise in the world market.

What is my job? Ensuring that we are supported by partners and subcontractors helping to grow JVD. First and foremost, this involves teamwork as well as close collaboration with the various departments within JVD in order to guarantee impeccable quality, control of the overall cost, and constant innovation. We constantly strive for excellence in our ability to innovate, respect environmental issues, and even proficiency in execution. Our relationships are built on trust and a mindset focused on healthy long-term relationships. The projects that interest me are those that enable us to involve our suppliers in our growth dynamic.

Purchasing was a personal choice for me because of its diverse tasks and the people you meet while spreading the word about our expertise in the world market.

So if I had to describe JVD in one word, I would say people-focused, for three reasons. Firstly, JVD is a company in human terms with strong values. Secondly, our business in the hygiene sector helps to improve people’s health. And thirdly, by considering our customers’ needs we can develop our range, including our hospitality sector products.