Western Region Salesperson

What do I like about JVD? That we are manufacturers!

My role involves expanding the scope and reach of our JVD brand. I mostly work on the ground, visiting hotel owners, our distributors, and our electric network to train and support salespeople in our products. I also attend trade shows to promote the JVD brand. It is essential for people to discover the product and its features, as well as to touch and see it. What do I like the most in my daily routine? I never do the same things – there is no routine. Because we have a wide sector, I have a certain independence. I manage and organize my own travel. And I am in constant contact with our people on the ground!

What do I like about JVD? That we are manufacturers! If you make it, you also make the decisions. Our communication and response times are extremely fast. I also like being able to take customers on tours of our manufacturing site. Not many companies offer that. Often, people are surprised to see manual work being done and that not everything is automated, for instance when we manufacture our hand dryers.

So if you are reading my story and you haven’t seen our manufacturing process yet, I’d love to give you a tour!